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iii) french provincial square quilt A



I won’t be posting here again for awhile, I’ll just leave it as it is for now.

I will, however, be posting regularly on my new blog, so come on over and catch up with my exploits there.

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so has my little metatarsal decided to behave and finally heal?

Today’s Judgement Day. It’s x-ray and surgeon appointment day. Today we find out the truth. DID IT HEAL? I sure hope so. I sure don’t need another thing to worry about. Sleep has deserted me, my appetite is gone. Can’t watch much TV, everything reminds me of Dad, or something that happened at the hospital, or some memory of something over the whole span of my life, and I can’t watch it for long. I can’t read, same deal, and I haven’t got the head for it now. The book I started reading? The Right Stuff? Well I’m up to just the beginning where all the test pilots die and the tall thin man in the black suit and hat comes walking down the path to the door of the newest widow. Can’t read that right now. Can’t play my piano, haven’t got the head for it either. So what am I doing? Sitting at my computer and creating a new blog. I can sit for hours adding and configuring new plugins all over the place, changing colour schemes, getting pissed off that things don’t work and getting even more pissed off that I can’t figure out why. And then suddenly I try something on a hunch, and it all works out. And I’m please. That can take hours and hours and hours! But it’s something I can get myself lost in and not have to think about anything else, or deal with tears out of the blue, or end up just sitting and drifting into some thought stream that takes me away. Don’t get too excited. I’m not tripping, and I’m not going loony. I just need healthy little foot bones! Get it?! I need to be able to go for a walk in the park out our back gate. A long walk if I want to. And I need to be able to drive myself somewhere. Where? Anywhere!

So keep your little fingers crossed for me. Read Tarot cards. Look at the stars. Pray if you like, if that’s your thing. Whatever you do. That little bone better be good.

shiva is over, loving the sound of rain, & here’s my fps quilt pic

This morning I went over to Dad’s house to sit the final hour of shiva with Yvonne. At 10am, I leaned across to Sheila and said, “At exactly this time a week ago, Dad took his last breath”. And then shiva was over. Yvonne and I hugged and wished each other long life. Then we just sat there, until I looked at her and said, “I think we should get up”. And we did. Then I suggested we take down all the tablecloths and linen for the mirrors and glass-framed artwork, and we did that. Then there was nothing else to do.

I had to go home to change out of my torn shirt and go off to my dentist appointment that I’d postponed 3 times since I broke my foot. I was sure I’d be fine. I mean, why shouldn’t I be, right? Well, I sat in the dentist’s chair while he talked to me about my teeth, and all of a sudden I burst into tears. It wasn’t any thought I had, it certainly wasn’t anything the dentist said, it just came out of nowhere. There I was, sobbing into his shoulder as he tried to comfort me. He called to his assistant, “Bring Helene a cup of tea”. And I said “no, that’s fine. I’m OK”. Then he asked me, “Would you like some chocolate?” He was so sweet, trying to console me. He’s Jewish too, so he knows all about sitting shiva, and my mother-in-law also goes to him (on my recommendation), and apparently she’d been there and told him about my Dad, so he knew what I was dealing with already. Thank goodness.

I think it’s time I showed you how the French Provincial Square Quilt A came up. It’s my favourite of the two square quilts. Have I said that already? Think so. I just love the purple polka dot binding, and the back, and how it’s more yellow and purple than red and blue. That’s how I see it. You can see for yourself and make up your own mind.

french provincial square quilt A

french provincial square quilt A - front

french provincial square quilt A - back

french provincial square quilt A - back

Now here’s FPS Quilt B for comparison..

french provincial square quilt B - front

french provincial square quilt B - front

french provincial square quilt B - back

french provincial square quilt B - back

So what do you think?

last day of shiva for my dad. i watch the candle burning down and i don’t want it to go out. crazy huh.

Nothing really to add. I feel like I’m in no man’s land. It’s very bizarre. I don’t know what to do with myself. Not that I need to do anything. I just feel very strange. It’s been a real time of reflection for me, this last week. Like episodes on telly, I remember things about my life with Dad. Funny, I was in the shower this morning and I had a thought – Dad’s not here to approve or disapprove, condone or condemn, like or dislike anything I do, anything I say, anything I have anymore.

ix) wardrobe makeover – i pulled everything out this morning!

piles of clothes

piles of clothes

I decided that today was the day. Enough with the messing around with my clothes on the floor of the bedroom. I started by pulling everything out of my wardrobe and sorting it all into piles. One for Hania, one for the rubbish – things that I couldn’t give to anyone, things for Devorah, and then a big pile for Gita and Sarah to go through. Gita came over in the afternoon, and I gave her the clothes for thrift shop, as well as the things for Div, and she tried on everything else she though just might have looked good on her, and ended up with a nice pile for herself that she took away with her. Then I pulled the vacuum into my room and oh man! should have seen the dust on the closet floor carpet! Shocking! Anyway it’s all clean now.

Next I’m going to clear out my general stuff shelf. All my bits and pieces, when I don’t have anywhere else to put things, they go there. After that, I need to go through Moshe’s clothes, then our shoes, and find a place for my Carlton footy gear (scarves, blankets, jackets, etc) and I’m done. I think one more full day and it’ll be complete. Fantastic.

The photos here don’t show the full story. It got much messier than that. And I”m not ready to show you how it looks along the way, I’d rather show you the finished product, so to speak.

stuff all on the bed

stuff all on the bed

This has been very therapeutic today, in between visits from friends and family coming to be with me. Really great. I’m absolutely wiped now though. Didn’t realize I’d picked a 30 degree day to do this. And you know how I love the heat! Not! Tomorrow’s going to be 39 degrees, so not sure if I’ll get to do much till Thursday. Stay tuned!

really good evening with family, taking my sewing and off to bed

My Mum came over with a cooked dinner tonight. Div and Mark were here too so they stayed for dinner. Stir fry beef and veggies, salad with heaps of garlic, and best bit – her apple compote for dessert. Cousin Ben is in town, and he come over too. Then more cousins, Sluggo and Mich came over. It was so good. I laughed and watched YouTube videos, and was well distracted from thinking about Dad. I love my family. Now, I’m off to bed, my afikomen cloth “hooped”, needle threaded with cornflower blue embroidery floss, and I’m ready for the telly, my pillows and sewing. Good night Dad. Miss you. Love you. xxxxx

which colour thread? cornflower, cobalt or metallic gold?

Oh dear. I can’t work it out. Although I’m pretty sure I don’t want the gold. It’s a much harder thread, and will make the cloth harder in hand. The cornflower is very pretty. And light, which I like. The cobalt is much darker of course, and stands out more. I’m leaning towards the cornflower, but your thoughts will be appreciated. My head is still not terribly clear after the last few days. And I know, the image isn’t very clear, especially where I’ve put the cornflower blue thread. Write me a comment?

cornflower, cobalt or metallic gold?

cornflower, cobalt or metallic gold?


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