really good evening with family, taking my sewing and off to bed

My Mum came over with a cooked dinner tonight. Div and Mark were here too so they stayed for dinner. Stir fry beef and veggies, salad with heaps of garlic, and best bit – her apple compote for dessert. Cousin Ben is in town, and he come over too. Then more cousins, Sluggo and Mich came over. It was so good. I laughed and watched YouTube videos, and was well distracted from thinking about Dad. I love my family. Now, I’m off to bed, my afikomen cloth “hooped”, needle threaded with cornflower blue embroidery floss, and I’m ready for the telly, my pillows and sewing. Good night Dad. Miss you. Love you. xxxxx

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  1. I love the afikoimen bag. The letters with the gold and blue edges are gorgeous. Can’t wait till next Pesach to see it on the seder table. Only wish Zaida could be there too. Has Div shown you the gorgeous videos of Zaida from last year’s seder? If not, ask her. It’s so lovely to see him laughing and doing his thing standing in the spotlight! Love you xox

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