which colour thread? cornflower, cobalt or metallic gold?

Oh dear. I can’t work it out. Although I’m pretty sure I don’t want the gold. It’s a much harder thread, and will make the cloth harder in hand. The cornflower is very pretty. And light, which I like. The cobalt is much darker of course, and stands out more. I’m leaning towards the cornflower, but your thoughts will be appreciated. My head is still not terribly clear after the last few days. And I know, the image isn’t very clear, especially where I’ve put the cornflower blue thread. Write me a comment?

cornflower, cobalt or metallic gold?

cornflower, cobalt or metallic gold?

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  1. I like both the blues but the cobalt is my pick. I like that it contrasts a bit with the lightness of the fabric. You’ll know which one is right for you.

  2. yeah I reckon you’re right div. thanks!

  3. cobalt blends nicely, but the cornflower lifts it. go with your gut!

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