ix) wardrobe makeover – i pulled everything out this morning!

piles of clothes

piles of clothes

I decided that today was the day. Enough with the messing around with my clothes on the floor of the bedroom. I started by pulling everything out of my wardrobe and sorting it all into piles. One for Hania, one for the rubbish – things that I couldn’t give to anyone, things for Devorah, and then a big pile for Gita and Sarah to go through. Gita came over in the afternoon, and I gave her the clothes for thrift shop, as well as the things for Div, and she tried on everything else she though just might have looked good on her, and ended up with a nice pile for herself that she took away with her. Then I pulled the vacuum into my room and oh man! should have seen the dust on the closet floor carpet! Shocking! Anyway it’s all clean now.

Next I’m going to clear out my general stuff shelf. All my bits and pieces, when I don’t have anywhere else to put things, they go there. After that, I need to go through Moshe’s clothes, then our shoes, and find a place for my Carlton footy gear (scarves, blankets, jackets, etc) and I’m done. I think one more full day and it’ll be complete. Fantastic.

The photos here don’t show the full story. It got much messier than that. And I”m not ready to show you how it looks along the way, I’d rather show you the finished product, so to speak.

stuff all on the bed

stuff all on the bed

This has been very therapeutic today, in between visits from friends and family coming to be with me. Really great. I’m absolutely wiped now though. Didn’t realize I’d picked a 30 degree day to do this. And you know how I love the heat! Not! Tomorrow’s going to be 39 degrees, so not sure if I’ll get to do much till Thursday. Stay tuned!

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  1. Spring cleaning is a wonderful and cleansing thing. Glad you had the koyech to do it. And also glad you’ve had good people around you. Thanks for the pile of clothes, can’t wait to wear your beautiful silk shirt and swish navy skirt!
    Love you and see you again sometime tomorrow. xox

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