shiva is over, loving the sound of rain, & here’s my fps quilt pic

This morning I went over to Dad’s house to sit the final hour of shiva with Yvonne. At 10am, I leaned across to Sheila and said, “At exactly this time a week ago, Dad took his last breath”. And then shiva was over. Yvonne and I hugged and wished each other long life. Then we just sat there, until I looked at her and said, “I think we should get up”. And we did. Then I suggested we take down all the tablecloths and linen for the mirrors and glass-framed artwork, and we did that. Then there was nothing else to do.

I had to go home to change out of my torn shirt and go off to my dentist appointment that I’d postponed 3 times since I broke my foot. I was sure I’d be fine. I mean, why shouldn’t I be, right? Well, I sat in the dentist’s chair while he talked to me about my teeth, and all of a sudden I burst into tears. It wasn’t any thought I had, it certainly wasn’t anything the dentist said, it just came out of nowhere. There I was, sobbing into his shoulder as he tried to comfort me. He called to his assistant, “Bring Helene a cup of tea”. And I said “no, that’s fine. I’m OK”. Then he asked me, “Would you like some chocolate?” He was so sweet, trying to console me. He’s Jewish too, so he knows all about sitting shiva, and my mother-in-law also goes to him (on my recommendation), and apparently she’d been there and told him about my Dad, so he knew what I was dealing with already. Thank goodness.

I think it’s time I showed you how the French Provincial Square Quilt A came up. It’s my favourite of the two square quilts. Have I said that already? Think so. I just love the purple polka dot binding, and the back, and how it’s more yellow and purple than red and blue. That’s how I see it. You can see for yourself and make up your own mind.

french provincial square quilt A

french provincial square quilt A - front

french provincial square quilt A - back

french provincial square quilt A - back

Now here’s FPS Quilt B for comparison..

french provincial square quilt B - front

french provincial square quilt B - front

french provincial square quilt B - back

french provincial square quilt B - back

So what do you think?

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  1. I love this quilt. Looks so Provencal.

  2. they look fantastic you are very talented. Love Gwen

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